Le Jardin de Moliere Curriculum


The objective is to promote and design enriched environments to maximize the development of children. For the younger ones, stimulation and other activities contribute in learning and empowering skills and abilities essential for the innate development of all their potential in order to form solid human beings. For children between 2½ and 5 year-old, they can act, think, express, communicate, learn, share and dream through games. Contributing in this way takes an integral part of children development.

Free Games

“Free Games” are necessary to develop our little ones’ imagination and autonomy.
Small “corners” are arranged in the structure: corner for dolls, coins,
dinettes, … so children can mimic “Mom and Dad “.

Managed Activities

Directed activities are offered to children, adapted to their age. programming is established by the educator in charge (discovery of animals from the forest, the marine life, colours, etc.).
Manual activities help to change the fine motor skills of children, essential for later to learn how to write. (i.e: modelling clay, playing dough, painting, collage, colouring, drawing, …) These activities last about 20 minutes and are done in small groups.

Motor Activities

Motor activities contribute to the harmonious development of the child. They learn to master his body and to become more autonomous.
ie.: motor skills, Baby Gym, dance, world go round, …

Bringing Pleasure to Reading

An atmosphere conducive to escape and the imagination is aided by large cushions and carpets. Children can take the time to settle in a welcoming space where quality stories are offered daily to children.