Our Approach

Living constantly in small communities (group of kids), the child acquires social skills, which will be useful for them throughout their life. By advancing in age, the notion of perspective emerges, which facilitates their learning. Programmes are designed to help our future adults learn about conflict resolution.

The daycare becomes a place of stimulation and exercise of language in various forms, from oral to creative expression. At the verbal level, kids learn through songs, book readings, talks, etc. Specialized educators may also come for stimulating activities on occasion. 


Kids from 6 to 18 month-old

Infants blossom in a world of colour, music, sensory and tenderness. Personal care is respected continuously to provide a safe environment. To develop their motor, creative and cognitive abilities, new toys are introduced every week and infants play outside twice a day.


Kids from 18 month to 2½ year-old

Toddlers become more active and discover their environment via activities. These range from finger painting, to sensory trays, dance or running stimulate their curiosity and contribute to their learning. The emphasis is on pleasure and basic personal care.


Kids from 2½ – 5 year-old

Preschoolers develop their imagination and wonder about their environment. Interacting as a group allows them to share ideas, stories and become aware of others and their own place in the group. Daily physical activity is offered as a fun and healthy habit to develop strength and flexibility.


The 6 -18 months will learn how to:

Be in touch with children their age
Explore their environment using their five senses
Crawl, walk and dance
Discover new activities and develop new skills
Listen to stories and sing songs
Do painting
Learn hygiene


18 months – 2½ years old will learn to:

Have fun with friends and in a group
Learn to share
Integrate a routine
Do crafts
Integrate new vocabulary
Listen to stories and sing songs
Respect the rules
Develop a sense of security
Become progressively independent and clean to the toilet


2½ – 5 year-old will learn to:

Master the DIY (do it yourself), colouring and cutting
Develop a sense of communication: speak, listen, be attentive
Say the alphabet in French
Recognize colours and shapes
Identify numbers, months and seasons
Develop logical thinking and problem-solving
Group, classify, and store items or objects
Apply hygiene principles and good manners at the table
Be patient and wait for their turn
Dress alone