Our Commitment to Organic Food

Organic food comes from organic farming. In Canada, this name is regulated, it means that farmers must follow specific rules to be able to label their produces as “organic”.  For example, organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, without the use of GMO seeds, antibiotics-free (in prevention) or growth hormone and without adding preservatives or synthetic additives to processed  products.


Children’s Health and Organic Food

Young children are particularly sensitive to chemicals, such as pesticides. In fact, infants and young children are more at risk of developing toxicity symptoms than adults. Thus, when possible, give the gift of healthy eating to our little ones.

The organic products used at Le jardin de Moliere have the advantage of being better for the health because have no harmful chemicals. Also, they take into account the seasons and are picked at maturity. Therefore, they are more tasteful and contain more flavors than fruits and vegetables that finish ripening in trucks.

Time to Share at the Table

By letting children serve themselves early in life, you help them keep their precious reflex of eating according to the needs of their body.

The habits that children acquire during early childhood will follow them all their lives. Educators responsible for food and the pleasure of eating well.

Respect the environment

Learn to live in harmony with what surrounds us. In partnership with the parents, the educators teach the child to respect their
physical space, the games and the equipment at their disposal. Moreover, it is necessary to create a harmonious interaction with nature.
At the daycare, we broaden the child’s possibilities of action by raising awareness of the importance of the natural resources offered to him. The child is involved in sorting and keeping the material that will receive a second life through their artwork and then distribute recyclable materials according to municipal standards.